Smart contract audits made by AI

Smart contract audits made by AI

General idea

There is a need for a fast reliable smart contract audits. With audits from Hacken and others taking months to complete, or they are made hastily and the audit includes line like: We did what we could in given time, but cannot say more. There is a empty space on the market for instant speed AI generated audits. In my honest opinion they probably also use AI and then they are auditing by hand.

Target audience

This service would be mainly for new crypto projects, which would like to show their customers, that they are serious about their project. With the current rate of new projects comming into crypto space this would be sought after service.

Data source

With the crypto space being open more than any other. There is a lot of smart contracts available on blockchain with postmortem for most of the big and more complicated hacks.

Economic model

There could be multiple tiers of Audit. The cheapest one just for checking that the contract is rug free and without basic vulnerabilities and common mistakes. The audit would cost a fraction of human processed audits and would be at instant speed. More complicated audits with possible cooperation of some web3 security engineers would cost more, to cover payment for the assistance.

Greater good

The main benefit of the whole Audit system will be that token holders could get their preliminary Audit at the start of project enrollment. Devs couldn’t oppose with too time consuming or too expensive. Less rug pulls and less big hacks before human processes audits are done means better public picture about crypto space overall.

Benefits for ORAI ecosystem

Oraichain would be 1st to offer this service. With new people comming into cryptospace they would deffinitely hear about must have audits for microcap crypto gems. Investors would love to hear about project with auditing services as a side service. Crypto Twitter would prefer promoting AI audited projects over projects which couldnt afford to pay ~100$ for an audit.

Hope you like this idea, cheers from Czechia. Stan


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