Oracle of artificial intelligence to diagnose identity theft in social networks in a more efficient way

a system based on artificial intelligence and oracles to be added to social and multimedia networks in order to more easily identify accounts that usurp identity and malicious activities.

in this way protect all the accounts of the users of social networks, respecting the copyright of both their works and their social lives, photographs and personal information.
Possibly registering each account or profile photo in nft format to make it easier to verify and easier to detect fake accounts.

protecting each account from identity theft and managing those who prefer to have a more public and shareable profile.
thus benefiting a large part of the community that is affected by identity theft to carry out activities such as scams, and misuse of personal image

confirming that the Cristldjd telegram account is mine, and taking the opportunity to thank all the votes and a great greeting from Mexico, thanking this great project

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