New case of AI scalability for Token/NFT monetary policies to protect projects from collapsing

As we know crypto market is so wild, even if a project has perfect product but when users lose faith from the currency which was the result of poor or short-term mindset of creating/burning token/nft, it could be so hard/costly to recover.
I think there is a huge lack of providing proper analysis and sufficient data for a project or partner to plan and organize systematically or strategically their inflationary and deflationary model on their token/coin (as currency) or NFT (can be considers as bond, because its usercase and capability are different); that’s why providing following tools for a project by AI could be essential:

  • Evaluating (by user behavior/wallets reaction) precise statistics, path and amount of token/nft flow in to/out from ecosystem by users from every single plan. How many specific amount of each of them move to trade/stake/unstake; to warn devs in supply and demand critical points. So can be learned by AI as signals for future circumstances. This system is centralization, but it can useful to be there at least until a project can stabilize and achieve its milestones.
  • Running different user pools and analyzing every single of results (not like current pools which users select whether they like a plan or not, it can be more precise, like which plan or partnership is their priority, not yes/no question…), because sometime only ‘price’ cannot be good enough factor to implement new inflationary or deflationary strategy to incentivize users in long term.
  • Formulating users value (traffic) for using every single of service/product a project has. So feedback is what are pros and cons about products
  • Suggesting algorithm of realistic demand for token/nft by means of these factors as input to AI: different users from different countries, cultures, literacy, similar project adoption ratio, age target, average income etc. in order to create a mature tokenomics /campaign with long-term view
  • Providing decent price technical analysis (for general market/each ecosystem/each industry), in order to suggest to projects when is better time to implement their inflationary/deflationary policies.

AI can drive so efficient here to plan for future strategies, because human cannot arrange and analyze this huge amount of data in one place (because it takes much more work time and money, only if it would be as precise and correct as AI does)
Additionally, current oracles (like: link or band) still do not have proper functionality of providing decentralized price oracles, so it’s huge room for Orai AI to penetrate here, if on time.