Monitoring fake NFT movement

One of the most significant issues we face with NFTs is what is real and what is not. Moving funds around and buying from themselves is becoming more of a problem. I propose to have an AI application that monitors projects, wallets, and the NFTs associated with it to keep things legit. If a project is doing these acts, Orai should list the project and wallets related to it should be made public and have a visual feature that shows how, when, and the info associated with it.

If an NFT project is malicious, a social media bot could alert the public as the first line of defense and have the AI monitor for similarities of said projects coming out.

Also, the actual data of an NFT project with all fake transactions removed so people can get an idea of what is going on vs. what numbers we see. The blockchain does not lie, and it is time folks can have someone monitoring what is going on.

@Tendo_Glass is my name

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