Introducing the Oraichain Data Hub

Oraichain Data Hub is a decentralized platform that aims to solve all your data problems including exploring or analyzing data, storing or sharing data, creating or requesting high-quality data. The Data Hub is to monetize data and preserve data royalty!

There are several key services that Oraichain Data Hub will provide: Market, Cloud, Analytics, Request, and Labeling.


Monetizing access to your datasets via staking and selling data. Accelerating your AI training with high-quality datasets. All royalty and privacy are preserved.


Share your data around the world. Store your data in the Cloud. Access to start training AI models.


A decentralized playground to explore, analyze and train your machine learning algorithms. We provide a rich set of analytics features and collaboration tools.


Request more training data, enhance your analysis with user feedback data.


Complete from simple tasks to expert-level tasks to increase human knowledge for AI training and get paid too! This is a 24/7 and royalty-preserving crowdsourcing service!