Information about Mainnet Staking

1. How long does it take to unstake?

When people join Mainnet staking, they are free to undelagte anytime and the process normally takes up to 1 hour to finish.
Here is the guide video:

2. Why does the undelegation take 1 hour to finish?

It helps to stabilize voting power of each validator. It is known that some networks need 21 days.

3. What happens if the validator does not validate properly. Do we lose our stake?

If a validator misses blocks it counts against it's "uptime". If the uptime drops below a threshold, it could get slashed and you may lose the reward. Which will cause delegators to go to another Validator

It’s always in a validators best interest to keep as much uptime as possible because missing blocks means that they could lose delegators.

4. How to choose a validator?

Mostly based on uptime and commission. If you have many tokens it is recommended to allocate them to 2-3 different Validators to spread your risk. But this is at your discretion. Lots of people don’t and it’s perfectly acceptable.

5. What does the cumulative share column mean and does it make any impact on the apy?

It refers to the amount of voting power added up from all validators,starting from the one with the most voting power. It doesn't have any effect on APY. The only things that affect APY are the validator's uptime and commission rate

6. How often are the mainnet rewards distributed the 29% APY?

If they stake their own ORAI, the reward is realtime.

7. How long will the APR 29% last?

It depends on the total staked ORAI on the mainnet. It is common that APR could increase more when 50-70% of CS is staked on the mainnet.