General Information about Orai token

1. What kind of use-cases does the ORAI token have? What kind of value does it play and bring to the ORAI ecosystem?

The ORAI token will be required to secure and power the decentralized oracle network of validators. The native ORAI token is also used in different scenarios within the Oraichain AI ecosystem.

Below are the main purposes:

  • Staking: Validators in the Oraichain network are required to stake ORAI in order to be selected to create blocks or fulfill data requests.
  • Transaction fee: ORAI tokens are required as a method of payment for AI oracle services (price prediction, risk score, price feeds, etc.), AI services (run AI requests sent to the Oraichain network, utilize AI APIs and Test Cases on the Oraichain AI Marketplace or have access to AI-based strategies) and future products and services powered by Oraichain.
  • DAO: Participation in the governance of Oraichain: the Oraichain network will be organized in the DAO manner, with protocol upgrades and parameter changes to be voted by ORAI token holders.

2. How long will it take to distribute all 23M ORAI?

It takes 7 years to release all ORAI tokens. Please have a look at our tokenomics: