Game with AI mechanism: SamORAI showdown

SamORAI showdown


Since some of the ideas here are way ahead of current state of AI on Oraichain. I would like to add mine. I have been thinking about game that uses AI as core mechanism for some time. Now I would like to introduce it to you. I will keep this post updated and I will probably make this project myself in the upcoming months (If my daugher let me :smiley: and even if there would be another similar project created).

General idea

Each Orai wallet who signup represents a Samorai (in a form of newly generated NFT with its own base AI) in “SamORAI showdown”. In each round of the showdown samorai fights with random other samorai (using VRF service here). Winner gets to continue to the next round. Defeated samorai is out of the game and has to wait until the game is over to sign for the next showdown. At the end of the showdown there is only 1 samorai left who receives the prize.

Where is the AI in this game?

AI here is in the fight itself. There are several samorai classes, different weapons, attributes and different skills, whichs are learned by leveling up your character. Each of your opponents will require different strategies. These strategies can be learned if you send your samorai to training. Here comes AI models, there should be different training model for each category of fight (How to fight different classes, how to fight against different weapons, what to use to block certain spells, how to improve different attributes). You just send your samorais AI to learn. More on that later.

What Prize?

When samorai is signing up for the showdown he also pays entry fee. 4 samorais who came at the top will share this prize.

Leveling up

With each match and training samorais gains XP, which helps them towards getting to the higher levels. XP requirements for each level should have steep curve, so that new players will be able to compete with long time players. Also with higher number players there could be level brackets for showdowns.

Higher levels gives you:

  • Higher max cap on attributes you could train
  • Unlocking different skills and their mastering


  • For the developers of smart contracts and front end: there should be small cut on each showdown. We are talking about 4% maximum.
  • For the developers of training AI: players are paying directly to them to be able to improve their samorais AI and improve their chance to win the showdown prize.
  • For the players: The training AI grounds for class and weapon combat will work only in case that players with specific skills lock their samorai there. eg. There is an AI training ground for combat against spears, samorais cant train there until another player with skilled up spears locked their character there to share revenue with AI developer.
  • There is also a place for NFT artist which could sell their animated characters, weapons, enviroments to the players (airi market place).
  • There would be NO ADITIONAL token, everything should be payable by ORAI or AIRI.

Rules for AI training

  • AI models will be capped on number of iteration per hour, that way better programming will be preferable against more powerfull machines.
  • You can access only those training models which you have seen in your matches (eg. you can’t train against spears as long as you have not met opponent using spears)


In code the fight will be turn based. On screen it should look fluid.

Each turn has its initiator, which will be dependant on characters speed. After initiation of action the opponent has timed window for reaction, if he has not trained enough required skill that protects him, he would get full blow otherwise he would deflect some damage.

Main problem now

How to personalize AI to user wallet, so that he can send it to training? Maybe Orai dev could contribute here if it is even possible. Or making dedicated app for it to run on PC?

Final words for now

I will update this post as soon as possible with more information, also answering any questions and sugestions.