Blockchain data indexing by AI

Blockchain data indexing by AI

General idea

With amount of data in blockchain growing every day, and rising demand from dapp developers, there is a need for indexing layer for the blockchain. There are projects which already realized that and are working hard to be ready before boom of Web3.

Target audience

Potential customers for this service would be web3 developers from new to already existing projects. Who need specific data from the blockchain and don’t want to run their private indexed node.

Data source

Since indexing the whole blockchain would be too time consuming. There would be AI models for specific functions or services (uniswap transactions, oraidex index etc…). Similar to subgraphs in Graph ecosystem.


There would be use of autoindexing technology from machine learning, targeted at specific part of blockchain transaction

Economic model

Each AI model would have different computations/space requirements and the fee for a query would differ. Would be preffered to run service for free for several months until the amount of querry stabilize and then start raising fees to start covering production costs eventually switch to profitable fee model.

Benefits for ORAI ecosystem

There is not many succesful indexing layers yet. And having working indexing product would definitely bring developers and investors to Oraichain.

But the main question will be if there is an AI developer who could create AI model that could compete with GRT and others? The game is on! Hope you like this idea and cheers from Czechia.

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