Automated identification and classification of skin cancer and related dermatology conditions

In the UK Cancer services are very poor in relation to waiting times due to the backlog caused by specialists having to manually review individual patients and or review Gigapixel images of suspected Melanoma. I believe this to be the case in most country’s. And as most skin cancers can be successfully treated if diagnosed early this appears to be a problem at a governmental level.

Proposal : For development of a data sets containing the target indicators for problematic melanoma, to enable an instant AI diagnosis thus taking the majority of pressure from the consultants and leaving them more time to spend seeing patients that require active treatment.

If adopted into the health care setting a single department could either take images to upload to an ORAI developed application which would analyse the image and identify if the patient requires a doctors review, or the process could be totally automated with the use of appropriate equipment. This in itself would reduce a consultants wasted time by up to 50% which would enable more people to be seen in a short period of time…

If successful the data sets could be expanded to other skin conditions, with the addition of recommendations of treatments, over the counter, or recommendations to consult a general practitioner.

Target : governments in charge of health care, private hospitals, local doctors surgery. Mobile health care units, private company’s.


Good use of AI.

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Hi. Would be so awesome to have an working Ai which is identify, analysing and fighting against (skin) cancer in early stages