AIFI AI to search for investment opportunities in all markets

AiFi by Oraichain (for example) Artificial intelligence for investors

Aifi is a set of tools that analyze markets facilitating decision-making, it does not focus on only cryptocurrencies, its attention is on all markets. (Stocks, cryptocurrencies, index, etc)

Aifi offers as a more attractive tool the execution of limited buy-sell orders in the main DEXes, in these orders you can also establish stop-loss take-profit parameters and other functionalities that are generally only offered through centralized exchanges. (We can charge an additional commission to that of the execution of the contract, which may be less if you are a holder of oari and airi)

Aifi looks for buying patterns that the user considered suitable for his investment strategy in all markets, considering a sample obtained in tools such as tradingview

An informative magazine that we can call “The Oraichain Journal” will be offered in which there will be data from the main DEFIs such as the highest APYs in lending, staking and liquidity, it will follow the movements of the most representative portfolios of the market (which is being buying, what is being sold and towards which sectors of the crypto market the market is moving)