AI Utility Data synthesizer

I think if we had a tool that one could easily upload images, music, and other data into a user-friendly (with advanced settings of course) tool that can synthesize them with specifiable metrics of output. Example: synthesize photo A (30%) +p hoto B (40%) + photo C (20%) + photo D (10%). This should also be available for music and audio snippets. Advanced settings should be able to identify data archetypes/sub-archetypes and espress them in variable outputs given input examples. Another integrated tool should be able to throttle the entropy and vice versa in smoothening coherence in the output data. Integrated tools should be able to take images and automatically give them animated depth with a broad range of specifiable filters and output variables. This could open a broad range of unique NFT generation techniques. Computations for this AI Dapp could generate revenue to those mining computations it in addition to royalties to project stake holders.