Ai to train and implement advices from guidebooks in your daily life

An intelligence that internalizes advice from books, coaches and so on, understands them and reminds you, gives you feedback, trains theses with you over a long period of time. The goal is to implement theses of advisors and authors in your own life to change habits.

Books are normally read in a safe space, when you feel comfortable, etc.
Books are more theory than practice. However, this AI helps you to implement your targets, your changes in practice, directly in the situation you want to. So you can reach your goals.

The AI can act like the author.
This AI can be applied to the book and be a help beyond the time of the book.
The AI is an additional product to the actual book.

How do we call this AI: Daddy, Mommy… God!?


Ai to train and implement advices from Life-Coaching Books in your daily life

this is a more correct headline


This is really a huge market. Sport, Finance, Life-balance and every topic with guidebooks. If I’am right you suggest to use AI to extend the learning from those books and coaches!? This is a good and feasible idea. would love to see this idea working…


People are addicted to self improvement – because they are allergic to focus


Because you supported my idea, I thought about yours and like it more and more. I know the problem. I have read a lot of books and some of them changed my acting and my thoughts. But to go deeper a constant companion – An AI that coaches me to make decisions in my daily activities (long-term & short-term) with given from Coach-Books and Life-Coaches – would be awesome.

Keep up your thinking about this one.

I also like that the idea is for the masses beyond the crypto space.

A final thought for today: Is it possible for an AI Coach to be an NFT? An image of the original coach/author…


I thought about three main topics where AI and this idea can help very well:

  • to train communication skills
  • to change behavior
  • to access knowledge easily

thx. i realized that guidebooks is an uncorrect translation from my language. Life-Coaching Books is what i meant


thank you guys. so much good input!!!


That’s a mind-blowing idea that would make information more accessable and impact our productivity (maybe even our whole life?) in a positive way. GO FOR IT!


Hope my vote for this one get heard. Just realized the competition is ending today. GOOD LUCK