AI Play to Earn Gaming Anti Cheat


With the incredible rise of play to earn games in the ecosystem came a whole industry of hackers, farms and cheaters that compromise and affects games and gamers all over the world. Cheaters are always finding new ways to exploit in any game, but within the play to earn ($) cases, the industry is now facing unprecedented economical loses & social disengagement while having to perform constant upgradings and developments that most of the time freezes gaming time and paralyze entire communities. In many cases, games are even completely destroyed by this behaviours. This can be adressed wih AI and ORAI can be part of the solution.

Target audiences & usecases

Potential customers for this service would be play to earn gaming companies and users from all over the world. ORAI already has games associated, but this usecase could be revolutionary and complement games from any kind, anywhere. Gaming is already a trillionaire industry that can benefit, consume & even depend of a technology like this.

Data sources

Having partnerships with gaming companies that provides real time end-to-end data to detect anomalies, making possible to train models that not only can set alerts but even to act, prevent & predict this type of behavior faster than never before.


Models can be deployed, trained & tuned from a wide spectrum of different gaming setups (related for example with the type of the game, geographic/temporary zones, grade of economic complexity, different set of rules, different blockchain utilized, etc) to be able to detect cheats/hacks in a faster, cheaper & efficient way, being able to incorporate them in any game available & develop platforms capable of mitigate & anticipate new ways of exploits.

Anomalies Detection

AI models could have different data sources for each game, but work in a similar metodology. Anomalies can be detected as the result of an analysis of different rules and trained with real data extracted from real gamers. Hackers are known for getting things done quickly/instantly, with irreal efficience, or even skipping general rules/levels. This can be easily contrasted with AI models and executed in almost real time.

Economic Benefits for ORAI ecosystem

Every gaming company is struggling to keep on track its own game, having higher costs & almost no efficience to benefit as a whole industry. In order to consume this much needed service, Gaming companies would need to rent storage, integrate/bridge data in the most efficient close to real time way (Data Hub) & finally pay to incorporate this technology to their existing blockchain platforms. There are a lot of ways to monetize this service and ORAI could bring relief to the whole gaming ecosystem & positionize as a pioneer in a (more now than) ever evolving field.

Personal Comments

I´m super excited for this contest as I think its an amazing brainstorming of ideas backed by a revolutionary project like ORAI. I´m sure the whole community will learn & benefit from all the great ideas already shared, and would be honored to collaborate with ORAI in the development of this project ive been elaborating. Thanks for this possibility!



Great idea! i see future in this

Interesenting point, the gaming industry need its

Once of the best ideas I’ve read. Keep it up!

Its one of the hottest topics nowadays, hope this idea gets developed

Very useful concept, would love to see it deployed

I play Axie and this would be super useful for all play to earn players

This project has real utility!

Interesting idea, would be nice to see it in practice

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I confirm my telegram is @jstlkr
Amazing contest!

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