AI in MediTech (!)

A recent mediTech report stated the following.

  • 400,000 lives can potentially be saved annually through AI.
  • €200 billion could be saved annually, including the opportunity costs of HCP time.
  • AI applications have the potential to free up 1,8 billion hours every year.

Orai could work with MediTech companies to allow them to monetize this technology and the data (through the like of AiRight, royalty protocol and Datahub) in a safe and transparent way. Combining AI with Blockchain with the Healthcare industry has unimagineable potential both in terms of profitability for Oraichain but also millions of people around the world.


Because I like the usage of AI and Blockchain in MediTech, I was searching for the article you mentioned. And while this is a HUB I’am now adding a link to report:

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