About the AI Ideas Competition category

Since Data Hub is the core hub in Oraichain’s AI ecosystem built for the community, we’re organizing a series of competitions to bring to life many AI solutions that would impact many interests of our community. Starting with this AI ideas competition, you’ll soon see how powerful collaboration and intelligence of the crowd will help to build datasets, make AI models, and beyond that deploy those to Dapps and as AI Oracle services on Oraichain Mainnet. Every great thing starts with an idea — Let’s get ready!

AI ideas competition — How to join and what’s the prize

Everyone including AI community members is welcome to join our AI ideas competition by creating a thread on Oraichain’s governance page . Each idea needs to specify the purpose of the AI, which problem it is trying to solve, and who will benefit from it. Any ideas that would be useful for you, for someone, for society are welcome.

The 5 ideas that are mostly rated by the community will share a total prize of $2,100 in native ORAI ($1,000, $500, $200, $200, $200 — correspondingly). The name of winners can also be promoted together with future datasets and AI solutions.

Staking for the top 5 ideas to earn permanent royalty

Based on the feasibility of the ideas, Oraichain will fund the development of datasets and AI models. Besides, Oraichain gives back all credits to the community by allowing investors to stake native ORAI into each AI idea.

By staking to an AI idea, you can earn a base interest rate (est. 20% APR) and a share of the revenue from all future profits that the dataset or AI models can generate based on that idea. Those profits contain dataset purchasing or usage on Marketplace, AI API, or AI Oracle service calls. The details for each idea will come in due time.

Tentative schedule of competitions

  • AI idea competition: 26 Oct — 9 Nov
  • Data Hub labeling competition: 28 Oct — 3 Nov
  • Staking for AI ideas: 15 Nov
  • AI idea-based dataset building and labeling competition: 22 Nov — 21 Dec
  • AI competition: 2 Dec — 23 Dec
  • Blockathon competition: Jan 2022